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Below are some of the more Frequently Asked Questions we come across, along with their answers.

  1. What is Real Estate Universe?

    Real Estate Universe is fully licensed Real Estate Company in Florida. It is not affiliated with any Board of Realtors or MLS service so there is NO mandatory association fees required from affiliated agents. Any agent licensed in Florida may place there license with Real Estate Universe and legally collect commissions because your license will be active.

  2. What makes Real Estate Universe different than other companies?

    We are a full service Real Estate Company with a twist. There are no Board of Realtor Fees, No MLS Fees which can total approximately $1000 per year for many agents. You can be a referral agent only or participate fully in a transaction. In any case you can earn commission and keep your Real Estate License active. What is really useful to our agents is the fact that we have our own affiliated Mortgage and Title Company that can handle all aspects of your clients needs at any stage of the transaction.

  3. Can I list and sell property in Real Estate Universe?

    The answer is technically YES! Your license is active and you may perform all Real Estate Services allowed under Florida Statute. Only restrictions you may have is that you will not have MLS access. In the case of listing property for sale if you need MLS access you would need to partner with an agent who is a member of the local MLS. Real Estate Universe will assist you in finding an agent to work with.

  4. Am I considered a realtor?

    No. Only members of the National Association of Realtors may use the term Realtor. You will be considered a Licensed Sales Associate.

  5. Do you offer training?

    Yes and lots of it! We offer classes in every aspect of Real Estate services such as property management, short sales, foreclosures, valuation services, marketing and technology to name a few. Take advantage of as many as you would like. Training is the most important key to your success. Our training is done by licensed Real Estate Instructors and others considered experts in their respective fields.

  6. How long does it take for me to get paid?

    As long as all paperwork is complete per FREC guidelines you will be paid within 24 hours of receipt of your commission check in many cases even the same day!

  7. Do you hire part time agents?

    Yes and in fact many of our top agents are indeed part time agents. We encourage you to learn at your own pace and take advantage of our training. Our goal is to make you successful enough to make Real Estate your full time career.

  8. Do you have any hidden fees?

    NO! The only fee is the annual administrative fee of $75. That’s it! All payments schedules are outlined in your independent contractor’s agreement. Any changes to your agreement will be provided to you in writing.

  9. How easy is it to send a referral?

    Very easy. There are two ways to place a referral. You can go to our website at
    And fill out a referral form and we will place it with an agent for you. Or you can call one of our team leaders at 561-471-5425 to help you find the right agent to refer too.

  10. Can I refer clients to other states?

    Yes and anywhere in the world! If you know a licensed agent in the area your referral is going to just have a form signed acknowledging the agreement. Once the deal closes they will send Real Estate Universe a check and we will pay you.

  11. How much of a referral fee can I get?

    That is totally up to you and the agent you are referring to. In most areas of the country referral fees range from 20% - 35% of the referral side of a transaction. In Florida referral fees typically are 20% - 25%. Real Estate Universe has negotiated with other Real Estate Companies guaranteeing a minimum of 25% for referrals.

  12. What is my split with Real Estate Universe?

    Real Estate Universe has created a very simple and yet rewarding commission structure for its agents. We increase your commission split after every 3 transactions either referrals or direct business. If you are an agent that is quite active and can provide documentation of past 12 month’s business we can start you at a higher base. Please call the office at 561-471-5425 to discuss.

  13. Do I have to keep up my continuing education?

    Yes. The state of Florida requires agents to take 14 hours of approved continuing education credit every license renewal period in order to remain on active status. Real Estate Universe has formed an affiliation with School of Advanced Realty to offer classes in pre-licensing, post licensing and continuing education in classroom, online and correspondence courses.

  14. Who do I call if I have questions?

    We have a full staff of managers and administrative assistants to answer any questions you may have. Our Broker is available to any agent who needs assistance. Our management staff has over 50 years combined experience in Real Estate Brokerage and is licensed in multiple states.

  15. Do you have offices I can use?

    Yes. Real Estate Universe currently has 9 locations covering Broward, Palm Beach, Martin and St Lucie Counties that you can use. We are currently negotiating additional office space in other counties in FL.

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