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    I am a inactive real estate licensee. If I hang my license with Real Estate Universe will I now become a Realtor?

    Unfortunately not. Only licensees who are a member of the Board of Realtors may use the term Realtor. Agents whose licenses are held with real Estate Universe would become active Real Estate Agents since Real Estate Universe is _not_ a Realtor company.

    There are many benefits of being a Realtor which you can find on the National Association of Realtors website at

    If you are interested in becoming a Realtor we can refer you to one of our partner affiliate Realtor Companies for you to interview with.

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    I am a Realtor with another company can I join your network?

    Yes, we need Realtor agents to place referral leads generated by our agents. Also you will have the opportunity to receive referrals from other Realtor-Referral Agents throughout the world that are part of our growing network. We do not charge a per lead fee nor set the referral fee between agents. Realtor Referral agents pay a annual fee of $99 to be part of our network. That's it. Click here to signup right now!

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    It's getting tougher to find financing for my clients, especially for condo's. Will it get better anytime soon?

    There's good news and bad news. The bad news is that financing for condos is getting even more difficult and it has become a vicious circle. Values dropped substantially - people have been unable or unwilling to keep up with there mortgage payments - foreclosures abound - values drop further?and so it goes.

    Additionally, as deliquency rates rise on HOA fees and units are left vacant, projects are no longer eligible for conventional (or even unconventional) financing. The lack of available financing puts even more downward pressure on values.

    What's the good news? You can buy up beautiful Florida condos for pennies on the dollar! The rental market remains strong and there is a great upside potential for the landlords of these properties. These types of wealth building opportunities do not come around often and may be the silver lining in the "condo cloud".


    Daniel J. Poulos

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    I was contacted by a buyer in Dubai for one of my listings. I do not have much experience with International clients. Can anyone give me any advice?

    Dubai is a port city of the United Arab Emirate. It is also an independent State dominated by Sheikhs. You will meet there three types of investors who would like to invest in Real Estate in United States. One type of investor is extremely wealthy. They are somehow related with the ruling family. They generally buy luxurious homes to spend vacations along with family and friends. Most of the time they buy in cash. The second types of investors are high middle class people,most of them migrated from neighboring Arabian countries and South-east asia.The beginning question they will ask you, that if they buy a property in United States, will there be opportunity to be emigrate or get a visa to stay in the United States.You should refer them to an immigration attorney for that answer. The third type of investor is high class business people. They would like to form an overseas Corporation and invest in the United States. They might be interested to place 30 to 50% down for a shopping plaza or apartment complex but would like to ensure a good return. They will sometimes request you complete a financial analysis of the subject property and the bottom line net profit.

    Answer provided by Nabi Chowdhury, Realtor, Continental Properties WPB. Nabi specializes in working with foreign investors from the Middle East and has made numerous trips to Dubai. Nabi can be reached at 561-689-4766 or

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    How much should I pay for my condo?

    Great question...As little as possible of course!
    But in reality, what is as little as possible? Of course we have to look at recent comp sales and area market trends. But other things need to be considered too. Especially how fiscally stable is the association. That is your biggest variable. An unstable association will in most case mean constant assessments and raising of the association fees. In turn that will force down market value pricing. Another effect of unstable associations is the lack of available financing for the condo and that in turn will bring down prices. In todays market condo prices are a bargain but you need to do your homework.

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    Is it a good time for a Hawaii investment? And if so, where do I get the best ROI?

    The Hawaii market doesn't swing as drastically as Mainland markets because it is
    sustained by international (especially Asian) influences, a strong military presence
    and high percentage of millionaire investors. Waikiki offers some of
    the planet's most desirable real estate, and prices range between $129,000 to
    over $1M. Just be aware of the maintenance fees. A beachfront condo in an outer
    region of Oahu called Makaha can be had for $90,000.
    Hawaii is 10th highest in the nation for foreclosures, but still has the highest average
    single family home price at $630,000. Short Sales and REOs offer the opportunity to
    negotiate with lenders and buy property with strong equity. The strong visitor market
    makes short and long-term rentals and 2nd home ownership great investments.
    Foreclosure and short sales listings can be emailed directly to your inbox.
    Chris Prendergast,R
    Prudential Locations, LLC

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    hello! My name is Mauricio Forero.. I have a Real Estate license since february of this year. My question is since I have never worked in the real estate industry, do you have training program for new sales associates or do you only have enhancing training for experienced ones?

    Welcome to Real Estate Universe Mauricio. Great question!

    We have training for all types of agents, new, experienced, back in the business and experienced.

    For new agents such as yourself we start with Real Estate Universe's version of Real Estate 101. You learn everything form contracts, listing agreements, rental agreements, farming, marketing, web design, even ordering your business cards. This course is taught in 4 segments and can be scheduled at your convenience. Coming in January of 2010 all our training courses will be available online as well as in classroom. A video archive will be available 24/7 to our Real Estate Universe members.

    In addition I suggest we set you up with a Mentor. A mentor is an experienced full time agent that will work with you in real world situations. There is nothing better than taking what you have learned in the classes and seeing how that relates to the actual transaction. For more information on our mentor program or any other questions you may have, please contact me at the office. Jeff Levine, Director of Business Development (561)471-5425.

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    I was recently laid off from my job. I've been thinking about getting my real estate license. Is this a good time to start a career in real estate?

    It's never a bad time to start a career in Real Estate in South Florida! Let me tell you why.
    Real Estate agents are busy when the market is going up. Buyers are snapping up properties as quickly as possible so not to have to pay higher prices. When the market is dropping, sellers are listing properties to avoid further declines. Both markets provide opportunity for the Real Estate agent. When you may not want to jump into a Real Estate career is when the market is flat.
    That being said, no matter when you decide on a Real Estate career it is important that you do alot of research about the companies you are looking to join. Do they have training? Do they have support? Do they provide leads? These questions are extremely important. The biggest mistake new agents make is that the first thing they are concerned about is an agents split. Well, I learned many years ago 100% of nothing equals $0! If you are interested in learning more about the licensing process and the market feel free to give me a call. My contact info is:

    Jeffrey Levine
    School of Advanced Realty Inc.

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    Is this just for Florida Realtors or do you have the abuilty to hold a New Jersey Realtors licence and keep it active.

    At this time Real Estate Universe is only a Florida Licensed Real Estate company and can only hold Florida Real Estate Licenses under our brokerage. If you are licensed in another state you can still be part of our referral network as a Realtor Referral Agent when your license us being held under a licensed broker of your state.

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    what are the fees to join? I have an active real estate agent license and would like to join your company. What are the fees?

    The only fee to join Real Estate Universe is $75 per year. You will be provided an indpendent contractors agreement that will outline your split on each transaction. The more transactions you do the higher your split. Feel free to contact me at the office 561-471-5425 with any questions. Jeff Levine

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    I have an inactive RE license and would like to have some info about referal options . thank you

    Don't let your license that you worked so hard for go to waste. Join our referral company if you have a valid FL Real Estate License. For $75 per year your license is fully active with the state and you can take part in all our training. Call us with any questions at 561-471-5425

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    How would I have access to searching for properties if I am not currently a member of the Realtor association? And does the annual administrative fee need to be paid up front?

    Great question Ivan.

    MLS is seperate from the Realtor Association. You can be a memeber of MLS without being a Realtor, but the fee is much higher than the fee for a Realtor member. In that case you probably would want to remain a Realtor member.

    That said, there is other sites that are available to the general public that will allow you to see what is happening in your market. These sites such as,, trulia,com and many others have the data supplied by MLS organizations throughout the country.

    As a member of Real Estate Universe we would encourage you to work with a full time Realtor that has MLS access direct. We will help put you together with a Realtor in your local market area and you can earn referral fees from them. The fee is negotiated between you and the Realtor agent and can be based upon how active you are in the transaction.

    The annual fee of $75 is payable when you join the network. I hope this answers your questions. Thanks for visiting the site.

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    Hello, I was wondering how many member's you currently have in real estate universe. Thanks, Steve

    Our network is over 500 agents and growing! Come join our team.

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    what is the payment amount for agents joining your organization?

    For agents licensed under Real Estate Universe the fee is $75 per year. You can find out more information on the site or give us a call. For Realtor Referral agents in states other than Florida you can be part of our network for free!

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    What is the time limit to receive the Tax credit and can you own other property.

    Buyers wanting to take advantage of the tax credits need to move fast

    As part of its plan to stimulate the U.S. housing market and address the economic challenges facing our nation, Congress has passed new legislation that:

    Extends the First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit of up to $8,000 to first-time home buyers until April 30, 2010.
    Expands the credit to grant up to $6,500 credit to current home owners purchasing a new or existing home between November 7, 2009 and April 30, 2010.

    To qualify as a ?first-time home buyer? the purchaser or his/her spouse may not have owned a residence during the three years prior to the purchase.

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    Where can I hang my florida real estate sales license and receive full commission and not belong to my local Board of Realtors?

    Simple answer is if your a FL licensed agent you can hang your license with us. Please remember though you will not have access to the MLS without being a member of the local board. If you want to be an agent with all the tools you have to be a Realtor.

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    What does it cost to join as a licensed broker?

    Broker Associates & Sales Associates are the same fee. $75 per year.

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